White Dresscode for Mom and Baby

White dresscode can never go wrong. The color gives you clean, chic and glowy look. I have  more than 5 white shirt and some of them are quite similar 😀 White is very flexible to go with other color. So every scarf that I have basically can match with my white shirts.

Last time I went to a restaurant with my baby girl, Lea, and my family, we all wore white.

My Outfit:

Loose white shirt

Black nursing tanktop (aaalways wear this after giving birth to my babygirl)

Flowery scarf

White pants (3/4)

White sandals

Lea’s Outfit:

White top (it is actually a dress)

Flowery shortpants

White shoes






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4 thoughts on “White Dresscode for Mom and Baby

    1. saya juga hitam kok mas, alias sawo mateng pake banget, hehe. Tidak ada salahnya untuk pke warna putih atau warna cerah untuk kulit hitam karena kadang jadi bikin warna kulit yang konon katanya eksotis itu jadi lebih outstanding 🙂 asal mungkin pemilihan warnanya bukan yang warna neon banget..

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