What’s in My Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is one of the essential items for a mom with newborn or toddler. It simply because diaper bag is designed to carry diapers and other baby or toddler needs. It is made with some separate compartments or sections to help moms organize the items carried. Today I’m sharing what’s in my diaper bag especially for a newborn. This is the basic version or only the essential products. For a special occasion such a day out to the zoo or something, I would bring more items with me.

Newborn Essentials

  1. Diapers. Well, of course. It’s a diaper bag! 😀
  2. Changing Pad. When you purchase a diaper bag, usually it comes with one changing pad. It is very important since we don’t know when we will be changing the diapers. If the place you will go has a nursing room, that’s great, but you need the changing pad anyway.
  3. Extra clothes or onesies. For a short errand, I usually bring only one extra onesie. But for a bit all day out I would take 2 or more clothes with me.
  4. Extra scratch mittens, socks, and hat. 
  5. A thin blanket. Well, I think it is kinda a burp cloth but it is quite big to be a blanket. This blanket can be multipurpose. It can be used to add a layer to the baby’s body on a cool day, a nursing cover, a burp cloth, etc
  6. Extra Swaddle Blanket. I always swaddle my newborn baby for a day out. It keeps her warm. I need extra swaddle blanket in case there is spit up situation going on.
  7. Little burp cloth. 
  8. Diaper Changing Wipes. 
  9. Telon Oil. Telon oil is a formulation of Fennel oil, cajuput oil, and virgin coconut oil. I use it to warm baby’s body. It can also prevent bloating in the baby and improve digestive system performance.
  10. Tissue.

Mommy’s Stuf

  1. A bottle of water. It is very important to keep our body hydrated especially for a breastfeeding mom. I get thirsty easily during breastfeeding. Having a bottle of water ready for you is much more convenient.
  2. A Wallet.
  3. A Phone.
  4. Vitamins. I have to take several vitamins prescripted by my doctor to fasten the recovery from labor, boost the immune system, help to increase milk supply, and add up calciums to my body. I put it in this medicine container so that I won’t forget to take the vitamins based on schedule.
  5. A makeup pouch. I bought this cute makeup pouch in Vietnam for a very cheap price (10$ for 15 makeup pouches). Inside, I usually have a lipbalm, a lipstick, a setting powder, a comb, an oil control paper.

So that’s “what’s in my diaper bag”. I’d love to see also what’s in your diaper bag. Please comment below if I leave something important or you can just share your version of a “what’s in my diaper bag”.


8 thoughts on “What’s in My Diaper Bag

  1. You diaper bag is very nice….
    Yours contains only for a mom’s need and a baby’s, mine contains for me, my baby boy and my toddler boy. So it’s so full inside the bag.
    I already write it on my blog, I put the link here if you want to read 🙂

    1. Thank youu.. well i actually also have one toddler and one baby. This version of whats in my diaper for the newborn. Will also update for the toddler and mewborn version. Would love to read about yours too, please put the link so i can check it out 🙂

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