Best Pumping Tips to Increase Milk Supply

best-pumping-tips-increasing-milk-supplyAre you a breastfeeding mom? Or maybe an exclusive pumping mom? I think both need to pump. Although there are some moms who wants to exclusively feed their baby from their breast, there are also times when breastfeeding moms need to be away form their baby. In my case I really need to pump to build a milk supply for my baby when I’m at work. Pumping needs commitment. I am not a lactation expert, I just want to share tips to increase milk supply based on my experience and research I have done.


  1. Positive mindset. It will help you to produce more milk.
  2. Pump More. The idea is not to pump as long as possible per session. But to pump as often as you can. For instance pump 3 times with 20 minutes per session is better than pump 2 times with 30 minutes per session.
  3. Choose the right breast pump. I use Medela double electric pump to take advantage of Let Down Reflex from both breast at the same time.
  4. Check breast pump condition. Make sure that all of the spare parts still work properly because damage spare part can reduce the performance of the breast pump itself.
  5. Breast massage. Massage your breast while pumping
  6. Do power pump min 3 times a week. I (regret that) just found it out that power pumping is a magic way to increase milk supply. I get 4 times LDR when I do power pump while I usually get 2 times LDR for regular pump. Thus I get, 20 to 30% more result
  7. Eat enough calories. What I meant is.. eat a lot! Do not limit your food. Eat what makes you happy as long as the food is not poisonous šŸ˜€ Ā Happiness brings you to moreĀ milk produced.
  8. Drink a lot of water. I get a big difference when I drink enough water compared to less water per day. I always try to drink min 1,5 ltrs per day to keep my body hydrated and keep the milk supply in a good level.
  9. Build a relax environment when pumping. Being relax will help to produce more milk.
  10. Pump while nursing. When you are nursing, try to also pump with the other breast. It can take benefit from the LDR occurs while nursing
  11. Have a pumping schedule and stick to it. Try to pump every 3 hours. If you cannot pump that often at work, set 2 or 3 times pumping sessions, and add 2 more sessions at home (in the night before bed and in the Ā early morning after your wake up)
  12. Pump in the morningĀ when you have the highest level of milk.
  13. Drink supplements for breast milk booster.
  14. Track your pumping schedule and result with an app. I use BabyNursing and I found it very helpful to track down my pumping routines.

My baby is one year old now and I manage to give her breast milk until now. My goal is to continue giving breast milk until she is 2 years old. So, those are tips which work for me. You can share your tips also in the comment down below. See ya!

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