Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

After giving birth to my daughter, Lea, breastfeeding become the most challenging job I’ve ever done as a mom. It was struggling moment for first three months, mostly because of baby latch and sore nipples. But here are tips for you for breastfeeding. Well I am not an expert but this tips works based on my experience

Have a positive mindset. First and most important thing of all. First days after giving birth, the milk might not flow as you expect. And some people around you might say that you don’t produce enough milk. And when this happen, don’t give up and believe in yourself. Keep nursing and you will produce more milk by time adjusting to your baby needs.

Get help. The first time you breastfeed your baby, you will need some help. The nurses at the hospital can offer you some breastfeeding tips and help how to position the baby and latching correctly. I also get how breast massage from the maternity nurses.

Don’t limit or schedule nurse time. Feed the baby whenever she wants. Don’t be strict to schedule because it is not always based on your baby need.

Latch your baby right. Set your position comfortable. Grab a pillow if needed to support your self during nursing. Then cradle your baby close to your breast. Support the baby’s head with one hand and support your breast with the other hand. Tickle your baby’s lower lip with your nipple to encourage your baby’s mouth to open wide. He or she will take in part of the darker area around the nipple (areola). Look and listen for a rhythmic sucking and swallowing pattern.

Eat well. If I may say, eat more! Don’t be afraid to get fat because once you start diet, you will find the milk supply affected. Eat some food which will help to increase your milk supply such as oatmeal, beans, nuts, green veggies, herbs (fenugreek, etc).

Drink a lot of water. Not over hydrate, though. 8-10 glasses of water per  day is enough. I have proven that once I drink less than 8 glass of water per day, the milk produced also going down.

Take supplement for the first 3 months of breastfeeding. I took breastfeeding supplement also but this is optional. I found it quite helping to maintain the milk production.

Pump. Pumping will help to maximize your pumping output. And pump starting form the first month you breastfeed. When you get back to work you will need stash of milk to feed to your baby.

Get enough sleep. You know why. Tired mommy will trigger stress, and stress will reduce milk production.

Breast massage. It will help to trigger the LDR and also makes mom more relax.

The tips combined together and do the best for your little one will help you to get through breastfeeding moment more successful. I’d like to hear tips from you too. Happy breastfeeding!! 🙂

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